How do I log into Amazon Prime .nl?

It will only let me log into Amazon Prime .com. How do I log into my .nl account? Thanks for any tips!

I don’t think it matters. I have an account with and I can log I just fine. Just log in with the same email and password as you use on

Unfortunately it does matter. I have an old style Amazon account (pre 2008). Because the different Amazon country websites are separate sister companies, there used to be no such thing as one Amazon account. I have four accounts on the same email adres and password (.com, .uk, .de, ,.nl) and I have been pleading with Amazon for a few years now to fix it. No such luck. (At some point I even got billed for Prime Video from 3 countries.) I have to specifically log in at the amazon website of the country where my Prime Video account is. So .nl. The ppm takes me to .com. I cannot get to .nl. I tried going to the Amazon setting using the ppm and changing the country settings, but that results in an error message when trying to log in. Asking Amazon is pointless. Trust me.

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I also have an account on since the early 2000’s. I use the same username and password on My prime account is running on the German site. Yet I am able to use the Amazon app on my iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Sony Android TV, and PPX just fine.
I don’t know how to help you, I don’t have this exact issue as you, and have never heard of this issue.

Are you able to log on to any other Amazon Prime app on any other device, with this account? And is the username and password the same as the account?

Hi Nathalie,
I have the same problem as you. You could use a VPN to simulate a log on from a specific country. Hope this helps.

@Melvin_John That might fix the problem yes, but VPN is a payed service and I am not inclined to pay extra. Also, that might not work altogether. I tried watching Netflix over VPN a few years ago and they had security against that.

@PhilipsIvo I am able to watch Amazon Prime with the account on my laptop. The username and password is the same on all accounts. I contacted Amazon again today to try and get anywhere with this account business since I am still being billed double for Amazon Prime. No luck again.

I tried casting Prime from my laptop to the ppm with airplay. That works nicely, however Prime is not accepting it. It stops working immediately and gives an HDCP error message. So I now bought a good HDMI cable (begrudging the extra expenses). It is working, but it is not what I was looking forward to when I got the ppm. I no longer have the benefit of remote controlling the video play (other than getting up to adjust my laptop) and to be honest, the image quality seems less.

I live in Utrecht, would you be okay with me paying you a visit to troubleshoot this on site? I can’t reproduce the issue as I have no issue with my accounts, and I don’t want to ask you for your Prime account details just to test this out. PM me if you’re okay with onsite support and we’ll arrange the details.

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The upcoming software update includes the better TV version of Prime Video. Tested working with .de account, should work also with .nl account. The sign-in happens on your laptop and phone, then linked to your projector via a code displayed on screen.

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