How long is the battery?

Well, as the title says, how long does the battery last ?, in the end it reaches 3 hours?

it would be fair to test it after the new firmware upgraded.

I would like to hear from screeneo team about the specifics on this.
Just as many other products, there is variation.
What are the specific parameters (light mode, source type,etc)?

High brightness, with lighter colors will probably have a much shorter lifetime than low brightness and darker colors.

Eco mode - 2.5 to 3 hrs
Presentation mode - 1 hr

If external source will further decrease batt life based on my experience, your mileage may vary


What’s the technical specifications for an external battery to be able to power the PPM?

@Donniemcm - this was answered earlier somewhere - it needs to be a 65W Battery/Power Bank

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The included power supply is 15V 4A. So 60W is enough

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@Philips_Support_N Can you please check on this? Can you answer this question based on your internal testing as i have not recieved the device yet?

I have seen multiple users using a 60-65 w powerbank without issues. So anything like that should work. Also check voltages, as there is both 60w in 20v -3a as well as 15v 4 amp.

So I’ve been getting 1.5 hours on mine using ecosaver and low brightness and showing a powerpoint presentation. It’s disappointing.

I expected more time, barely enough to see an entire movie … I would understand that duration at maximum brightness but in eco mode it seems very little.

I have been getting around 3 hours.

Exactly! hopefully Phillips will get back to me on this. The first time I used it on normal mode and was watching netflix (after a charge) it suddenly turned off around 40 minutes. Unfortunately the images on everything is pixelated and can’t get anything in perfect focus so it sits unused until the updates and hopefully a reply from phillips.

I’m watching a movie on eco mode right now, it’s at 2 hr 20 min. I’ll update this post how it goes.

Update: 2hr 40m later movie is over.

2hr 53 min later I’ve turned it off. I’d say 3 hrs is fulfilled in a realistic use case, but read below for a nice surprise.

The above was while playing an mp4 1080p movie in MX Player Pro, on Energy Saver mode. The audio was playing over Bluetooth to an Echo Show 5 (no lag), 4 Corner Correction was active. WiFi was also connected but not used.

When I turned it off the projector still had 23% battery left. This is running 1.0.25 beta with the better color calibration. A side effect is that the brightness in battery eco mode is a bit lower than before. This not only gave me better colors (compensating for the 10% lower brightness) but what seems to be a 20-25% longer battery life (on top of the ~3 hrs before).

I’ll do more such practical tests in other modes and use cases over the next few days. I want to test the worst mode next (presentation mode with AirPlay streaming).

Hope this helps so far.


How did you find that the battery has 23 % left? Is this on 1.0.25 ?
Because on current version I could nto find remaining battery % anywhere.

I installed “Battery Doctor” app from the aptoide store.


@Philips_Support_N in future updates please provide an option to display battery percentage somewhere and battery less than 15 a warning or a simple notification.


a few centimeters i believe :smiley:


I think the thickness is more important than the length.


can you test it with firetv 4k stick and using the ppm battery?