How to start ski safari 2

Received my picopic max yesterday, works great, got the remote connected via bluetooth, but now it is time to play some games.
Found Ski Safari 2, but to start it I have to press A to jump.
There is no A…
How can I start the game?

Connect a keyboard to play it. It won’t work well with the Airmote.

I have tried that already. Doesn’t work. Please suggest only tested solutions.

Hi @Th0ma5 I don’t know this game personally, but it sounds like it only supports a game pad for control? You can connect an inexpensive USB gamepad to the PicoPix Max USB-A port (not the USB-C port!). You can also connect a wireless one via Bluetooth, this will also work fine.

Dualshock 4 doesnt work with the PPM. Get a Uniplay U6 hybrid keyboard/gampad, I have one myself and works great

I doubt that Philips have the resources to go and buy a large number of devices to test just to see if they work with a particular app.
Same applies to chargers, battery packs, Bluetooth speakers, projection screens, etc.

Why not ask the app developers what they recommend?