How to watch AppleTV Plus content

Has anyone had success watching Apple TV Plus content on the PPM? I could get AirPlay to work with this content, nor have I been able to find an app that works.

Why not plug appletv directly through hdmi?

I don’t have an Apple TV.

How are you playing the AppleTV+ content, from an iPhone/ iPad?

I think the DRM restrictions are real, and haven’t yet found any non Apple device capable of displaying content streamed / cast from an Apple device to them.

Yes, I have tried to airplay it via the iPad, but I get an error. I tried logging in using the Firefox browser but wasn’t able to play any of the content from there.

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Correct me if I’m wrong but it is not just Apple TV+. My cable TV provider has an app that I used on the Ipad, but even there it won’t work on screen projection… the audio goes to the PPM but the image does not…

This sounds very much like it’s DRM blocking the casting. I’ve had that with different apps as well, even when casting to an Apple TV.

I know it’s not as easy as using AirPlay, but you should be able to get working video out with DRM content if you use a HDMI adapter and a HDMI cable.

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I’m wondering, why is it not possible to have the apple TV app installed? I have the apple TV app installed on my Samsung TV for example: Samsung Smart TV | Ontdek Apple TV-app en AirPlay 2 | Samsung BE | Samsung BE.

There’s no Apple TV app for Android, that’s why.


I see now. Samsung is not running on Android but there own OS.

I bought an adapter lightning to HDMI thinking I could stream from the Apple TV app on my iPhone to the Beamer. But that’s not working. I’m getting a message that I’m not allowed to play Apple TV content on the connected screen :frowning:

Unfortunately, Apple seems to be quite restrictive with DRM.