I am not able to set my tripod

I am not able to properly set my tripod. I turn the screw until it’s top and still it has any strength to sustain the picopix.
Actually, I have been afraid to damage the projector due to its sudden fall. Anybody is facing the same? or my unit has some issue?


@PhilipsNono any tips?

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Try using the workaround in this post:

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Unfortunately, the included tripod is very basic and can barely sustain the weight of PPM but in my experience it still can and works. Just make sure you tighten the screw of the tripod into PPM’s hole. Then rotate the circle pad at the bottom of the screw until it is tight enough. Next is position the projector and angle you want. This is the trickiest part especially if you have a proper screen and you want to position every corner perfectly. But you just need to tighten the lock as tight as possible so your PPM won’t move anymore. My own mini tripod also has a problem with PPM’s weight so i guess to have the best experience,you’ll need to buy a more rigid and expensive mini tripod.


I have also had issues with the tripod. I can get it mount to the tripod fine, but the tilt mechanism does not tighten and so the tripod tends to fall over. Any suggestions @PhilipsEngineering ? Can I rebuild it?


I have a problem with my tripod. The screw is moving and it’s not possible to find stability. Can you send me a new one ?

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Please email support@screeneo.com with your request. Please include a few pictures or a short video clip of your issue. Use the subject line

PPX620 - Tripod failure