Integrate PPM Remote Codes into FireTVs Universal Remote & IR Blaster

I learned that you are in contact with Logitech to include the PPM Remote Control HEX Codes into Logitech’s Device Database.

Is that also possible with Amazon‘s Ecosystem, to support previous ScreeNeo devices (and later the PPM)?

For the FireTV Remotes:

For the FireTV IR Blaster:

P.S. In Addition to that I will test if the PPM AirMote will be usable/detected as an Bluetooth HID Device on FireTV OS (Although at least the PPM Power Button is Infrared only) > Remote Control Input (Fire TV) | Amazon Fire TV

No working Infrared Signals Found, when try to setup the FireTV Universal Remote Feature for an PPM.

(My LG Pico Projector was found)

I would like this feature too.

Another user would like to see this integration

Me too

IR codes here - PicoMax IR Codes -

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Does anyone have the discrete ON and discrete OFF Hex IR codes? Toggles are bad for Home automation. So i would like to be able to address these directly to say “just turn it on and if it’s on keep it on, and just turn it off and if it’s off keep it off”

Do these codes exist?

The projector desperately needs a phone app to control it, using Kodi on the projector with yatse remote is a dream compared to the standard remote