IOS Connect and Play

Does anyone have any reliable step-by-step instructions on how to play media from iOS to the PicoPic Max?

If a cable is needed, please provide a link to the right Lightning cable, etc.

Details needed…Not very technical.
Many thanks!

I can make one, all I need to know is what kind of media you’re referring to or had in mind. There are many ways to connect to the PPM from iOS, both wireless and wired:

  • AirPlay
  • AirPlay mirroring
  • Chromecasting
  • Client to client (my name for what e.g YouTube app does when “casting” to a YouTube enabled display)
  • via HDMI using a Digital Display Adapter from Apple

So if you have a few examples of media you’ve tried or want to play on the PPM let me know.

That would be super great, @PhilipsIvo
Very much appreciate your time and effort.

I’m trying to play media from my iPhone or iPad to the Pico Pix Max. Usually it’s from the Apple TV app on my phone or iPad.

I rented a movie on my iPhone and couldn’t get the projector to show up on the phone as an option for playing.

Any step-by-step help would be most appreciated!

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