IR remote random inputs

I noticed random presses from my IR remote out of nowhere. Fortunately, it´s rather unusual, but in certain scenarios can be pretty annoying.

For example, some days ago I powered PPM ONE off and seconds after it turned on on its own. It gave me a little scare as I usually cover it from dust and leaving it unattended could end up in a burnt device. Yesterday, volume keys acted up for a sec.

Faulty remote? Anyways, I´ll try to pair it to my Logitech Harmony remote to have a backup in case it gets worse.

can you make a test for us: just remove the batteries on the remote and sees if it makes the same issues.
If no: remote issues, if yes we need to investigate.

Well, it´s hard to reproduce as it´s pretty random and scarce but I´ll report back after some days using the AFTV remote exclusively.

Perfect thanks! Keep us posted