Issue with automatic keystone

Since a few days the automatic keystone doesn’t work.
I always need to set the corners manually.
And when I try calibrating the ppm, it always telling me that correction is underway, and that I need to set the ppm horizontally(it is horizontally, I have tried calibration with ppm on the floor).
Is it a known bug? How can I make the auto keystone work?

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Did you do a calibration? If you did, you’ve probably done it on an uneven surface.

I did many calibrations : on perfectly flat floors, on tables. I always got this message during calibrations.

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That is just an advice message, it’s not saying it is not horizontal
And instead of 4 corners manually have you tried just the last option keystone correction manually?

I can set it manually, but I want to use the automatic keystone. I bought this device so I can use it everywhere without having to set manually the keystone.


I agree but it’s just that your question is confusing because automatic keystone never did do anything to change 4 corner correction if you placed the projector shifted to the side and not central, it only works for vertical correction

Strange, before I notice that, the frame was always a perfect rectangle avec automatic keystone( not anymore). It’s not supposed to do that when the ppm is right front the wall?

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Which shape are you trying to correct with the automatic keystone correction?
Horizontal keystone (light blue)
Vertical keystone (dark blue)

The Picopix has automatic vertical keystone correction (dark blue)

keystone correction

Hi Same issue here. I had perfect square angles before an update. since 1 month I have diffuclties with automatic keystone. No matter if it’s on the floor, on a table or on a tripod (best solution found with my camera tripod)
My image is close to the one in light blue top right. In my configuration, only the upper right corner is causing an issue :roll_eyes: :thinking:
Manual adjustment helps, but not as weel as the automatic keystone did before