Issue with "Buzzing sound"

Several people have reported a “buzzing sound” in the Indiegogo campaign page
Philips Screeneo U5 Ultra-Short Throw 4K Projector | Indiegogo

Someone has posted a video Philips Screeneo U5 (

It seems that some people get the issue, others do not. Unfortunately, I have it. That buzzing sound always happens at launch, the randomly comes up during use. My wife, children and I watched a movie yesterday as we were all happy to get the unit. The problem is that, in quiet moments during the movie, hearing that sound multiple times made us all cringe. This is a kind of showstopper. Is there any way to address this, or does it require the unit to be returned?

Here’s my own recording. We can hear this constant buzzing, coming up and down but always present. At moments it’s as ahigh as the fan.

Hi @Philips_Support_S . I saw this thread in Indiegogo Discussion page

Do I understand correctly that the units with that issue should be exchanged now?

I cannot access the sound file. I’m curious to see if it the same I’m getting. I’m using the U5 since May and now it starts having a rattling sound near the fan. This is mine: Dropbox - Screeneo.m4a - Simplify your life

Added one more file on you tube:

Hello @Philips_Support_S

My screeneo u5 has just started outputting a screeching noise from the fan.

I am in Sydney Australia, what is the warranty process to get this fixed?


After only about two months of use the projector started going black while watching. First we heard those squeaking sounds from the laser. You could still hear the sound from the movie but there was no picture. After switching it off and turning back on it worked for some days. Today it went black while watching a movie and after restarting it you can only hear those squeaking sounds three times and it goes silent. Terrible product. Philips, how can we fix it under warranty?

My projector also got buzzing sound in this month, how to fix it or repair it? I am in uk now