Issue with PC File Transfer

I’ve enabled PC File Transfer on the U5 - got to the screen that gives the URL to connect to from the PC, e.g. I’ve ensured that both the PC and the U5 are on the same WIFI. I’ve turned the firewall off on the PC.

When opening192.168.0.244:1200 from the PC and trying to upload a file, I get the message “No response from device. Is PC file Transfer on?”

Any ideas?

Here are some more details.

Key issues:

  • Why does PC File Transfer get turned off each time the U5 is turned off? This setting does need to be persisted.
  • What’s the intend of the Allow All incoming connections" button? Why would the U5 admin set PC File Transfer to On, and Allow All incoming connections to Off?
  • But clearly the main issue is: why the upload process creates 2 temporary copies of the file getting uploaded? This limits de facto the maximal size of file to be uploaded to 9 GB maximum ( if nothing else is already stored). As the U5 is meant for 4k content, this makes this file upload process pretty much useless?


  1. In the U5, go to Apps > File Commander > PC File Transfer

  2. Move the big radio button to “ON” => An IP address to access the U5 is given, e.g.

  3. Go to your laptop and open this page

  4. If you see this, e.g. no folder available as in step 5, then go back to U5 and make sure that “Allow All Incoming connections” at the bottom of the screen is turned on.


  1. if You see “Internal Storage”, don’t try to drag & drop files there, you’ll get error message. Double click on it tom open and expand the directory structure. Select a target directory, e.g. Movies


  1. Drag and drop a movie file of e.g. 11 GB or more (you’ll see why). The file upload process will progress on a regular basis to 100% (will take several minutes). At 100%, it gets stuck for several seconds, and then you get an error message “An error occurred uploading file”. If I may politely say, @?$_$!!!. What error???

  2. An usual suspect in such cases if storage space. On U5, from the PC file transfer Screen, go back to the main File Commander Screen. Check that you have more than 11 GB space available in Internal Storage. In my case, the full 26 GB were available (32GB in total, but it seems that 6.2 GB are used by system files).

  3. Try now copying a smaller file - in the case below, a file of 342 MB.

  1. While it is progressing, open another tab in your browser, go to, and open your folder. Keep an eye on what’s happening while the upload is progressing. You’ll see that a first temp file is created, with about the same size as the source file

Then a second one, again with about the same size as the source file

And when the upload gets to 100%, the uploaded file joins the band

the process ends with only the uploaded file

  1. What does it mean? As the file is there 3* when the process gets to 100%, you need 3* the size of the file available as internal storage, otherwise you get straight to step 6. It means that it is not possible to copy any file of more than 9 GB using this process, as total internal storage (32GB) - System files (6.2 GB) is a bit less than 27 GB.

Hi @Philips_Support_S what would be your views on this?