Issues - launcher V2

Here a list of issues for the launcher v2:

  • For some reasons, after updated to the new launcher v2 (screeneo v2.4.2), I can’t go anymore into all parameters. There are displayed in the toolbar, but when I click on it, nothing happen.

I have the exact same problem here. Cannot open any menu item in the settings menu. I regret doing the update. Please fix asap!!

Exact same issue… :roll_eyes:


The bug fix v2.4.3 has been released. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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HELP !! :frowning:

The last update of the interface made impossible to use the system menu (the one on the left)… the only selection that works is the “HELP”, but all the other voices for WIFI, IMAGE, etc… are unresponsive both to the “OK” button on the remote and the clicks (with air-mote or touchpad)…
now I am even unable to change input source…

All the other elements/apps seems still working, but on the system menu is only possible to highlight something, but can’t be launched…

The menu works again, thanks

Finally works! :disappointed_relieved:

How do you change the wallpaper?

Hi @Dan2514 the wallpaper changing feature is not yet available. It will be available soon.

The current default wallpaper is not a great choice. Because it is dark in the lower half of the image, it’s very difficult to set the four corner correction for the lower two corners. Otherwise, I really like the new launcher now I’m used to it. It’s much faster and more responsive.

Netflix and Hulu both aren’t supported from what I can tell. Are there any plans to fix this?

In fact I found another issue of the new launcher. It can’t be set as the default launcher if there is another app that also offers launcher feature. In previous versions I can still select the default launcher between these two.

Hi, any ETA news on the wallpapers @philips_support_p ?
Also there was talk of a feature to group multiple apps in folders.
And the favorites option is also not back yet.
Just reminding.