Known PPM hardware defects

Hi guys! I was wondering if there’s a list of the commonly known PPM hardware defects/issues.

I’ve been waiting for my ppm for a long time, and as soon as I receive it I would like to perform a “10 point check” and make sure everything is working as it should.

I checklist with most frequent defects would be very helpful.


  1. Does charging work?
  2. Do you get a blank screen on power up?
  3. Does auto focusing work?

This covers almost the entirety of issues we have seen in the returns log.


This one is not a defect but definitely one for the checklist:

  1. Did I find the remote in the box? If not, look for it again, don’t throw away the box yet!

There have been reports of people claiming that “Opened my package up and didn’t get a remote as per standard package.” The remotes however turned out to actually still be in the packaging, so please double check all nooks and crannies for a little white box (check from 4:09 to see the box it’s supposed to be in)