Lag playing 4k file

I have just received mine today. And i began trying to play different files.
So far the quality is ok. but it fails to play 4k files, the frame per second is very slow and it is quite visible. Is there any update or fix for that?
It plays perfectly for 1080p

Which app do you use for playing?

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Yep. The solution is to play the 1080p version of the file.

all 3 didnt work

HI there,
it is supposed to beam 1080p,
for the 4K you’ll need a Sony 4k 16K $ :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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no the ad says that this projector supports 4k files, while they display in 1080hd mode. but this isnt about the quality this is about lag / unplayable files.

The 4K files require more processing power to decode and play than FHD, 4 times as much at least, and then not only do they have to be decoded but also scaled down to FHD to be able to be played. And I’m not even talking about the read speeds needed from the storage or WiFi you’re getting the content from.

Hi David, you’re right Ultra HD is supported with files H.264 and previous,
I wonder if you tried maybe with an H.265 ?


Did run Plex and use 2160p material and it seems to work fine…

What app and what encoding is used on file? Do you play over wifi or from local storage / USB.


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You can play 4k @ 24 fps using H.264 codec without problems on PicoPix Max. If you are streaming online, it depends on the wifi conditions. If you are playing from external media make sure it’s fast enough and if you are using a spinning hard drive make sure it is externally powered.

how do i play 4k @ 24 fps using H.264 codec?

Could you provide more info?
Where is the file?
If it’s on internal storage or micro sd card, play with the VLC app. From powered USB, also use VLC.
If it’s on an external source connected by WiFi, do you have a media server such as Plex that could do the downscaling? I had 4K Blu-ray Discs playing on a 1080p tv and it worked fine as either the bluray player or AV amp did all the work. I imagine the PicoPix is not the most powerful processor, and asking it to decode such a big file may be pushing it to its limits.
If you can get a 1080p version that would be easier to display as it doesn’t require any extra processing. You’ll only get a 1080 image out of the projector anyway.

Remember “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should” works well in many situations in life.

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i use USB, i already used VLC. there is a lag still tho