Lamp probably broken


It seems that my PPM lamp has died. When I power up there is fan noice, and also you can hear the auto keystone correction working, but absolutely no picture.

I have tried powering it up with paper clip in that reset hole. Did not help. Also I tried this:Philips PicoPix Max - Lamp not working & Workaround - YouTube but it did not help.

How should I continue with this issue? I have not used PPM so much that the lamp should not work.
How easy it is to change the lamp, and what is the model of that lamp?

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There is no lamp per se, it’s an array of red, green and blue LEDs. They won’t simply burn out like a regular bulb would. I know it has been mentioned that the flex may be a little bit on the short side and it has detached from the connector. As everything else seems to power up nominally I’d guess the flex connector is a likely culprit. Any ideas @IvoGrijt ?

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Hello. Had the same problem and got a replacement unit.
Shoot an email to and see if they can help you.

I did contact but I did not get reply.

I have the same problem, so is not possible that the lamp is dark altogether?