Light halo cast downwards - A MacGyver fix

Hello to all,

I’ve come across a light halo being cast downwards, due to the general circular cast, it turns out that the projector doesn’t have a bottom horizontal limiter to block downwards cast. You’re likely to only notice it if you’ve the projector casting in close proximity to yourself, as in right next to you, on your left/right side.

Hopefully in a second revision of the device, it can be addressed.

How did I “fix” it for me, by taking good inspiration from the great MacGyver :slight_smile:.

Here I placed the limiter at 19mm from the top.

If you see extra light casting also appearing to your left side, you may also need a tiny extra block on that side too. (image credit to mark kemsley)

I had initially blocked the left side casting, but it wasn’t as prominent on mine, so I reverted it to just to the bottom limiter. I may do new limiter with the right measurements for both bottom and left sides.

Cheers :slight_smile:


This really doesn’t give me much confidence in this device. Thank you for sharing though :+1:t2:

The device works well, I’m very pleased with it, I don’t even need to use the chromecast anymore. They managed to accommodate a lot of requests and improvements for us during the campaign. A small distraction can happen, this one doesn’t impair the device. Most users may not realize its there or even be bothered by it, for those that do get annoyed by it, easy fix. And with all of us in quarantine, it’s something to do too.


@Philips_Support_P, sorry for mentioning you here, but I’m unsure of how to submit physical product enhancements.
Additionally to the reported here, adding a lower horizontal light blocker and likely left side too. Can the tiny bevel, around 1.5mm around the screw hole for the tripod mount be removed, so that the whole screw base is properly flat.

I don’t recommend this! Don’t block off part of the lens, it might cause overheating as some of the light reflects and bounces back inside.

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I’m using a black surface as my blocker to absorb the light, reducing the reflection chance. Additionally its not blocking the main beam of light, but instead the side light leftovers only, the excess if you will, the light that spills over, which is much weaker in both brightness and heat, and carries no projection data either. The main beam continues uninterrupted to the wall or casting surface.
The light cast downwards is something that does need to be addressed, since its a typical design feature of projectors to ensure the cast projection retains the rectangle shape and there’s no light leaking. Could this be passed to the product team so that its resolved in a future revision of the device.

If you really need to stop light escaping, maybe a half tube would be better for heat management?

I’ve passed it to the hardware team, thanks!!

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When pixels are black, it is because the mirrors on the chip direct the the light to some place inside the projector, right?
Why does it not overheat when we have black screens for a long time?
Do the mirrors direct the light to a spot that is cooled efficiently?
Can light that is reflected from the outside hit spots that are susceptible for overheating?

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Good questions that I need to ask the HW team to answer for you. I have always been advised not to block the lens fully or partly because it can cause overheating.

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some projectors using this and i have tested this and it feels like the image gets better whit because there is less ambient light lighting up under the projector
here some examples of projectors using this
not many using it but then there lens maybe in a position not need or pointing streight forward?




maybe slightly


the same thing works if use it on a shelf whitout tripod and so that the light leaks hit the shelf infront f the projector
whitout this its little bit annoying if you have the projector on your bedside over your head then the projectors light leak will light up the bed

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Hi, any feedback from the HW team regarding this “fix”?

It’s OK to do.


This should / could be implemented in the silicon cover


I was about to state the same, taking advantage of the cover and fix it there. Releasing a cover that doesn’t fix the issue, it’s a missed opportunity.
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