Lockup / crash / reboot

Sure I saw this mentioned, can’t find it now.

Lastrst firmware

Input Firestick (HD version)
Output audio via 3.5 Jack

Playback of some videos in Amazon prime result in device totally locking up with audio stutter and no response from remote, resulting in 10-30 seconds of locked video and audio loop then final crash and reboot.

Can be replicated with same movie.

Playback from this firestick to TV error free

Encountered exactly the same issue with Prime video, played on Google TV Chromecast yesterday. But today I am playing Prime video and haven’t faced this issue. Different TV series though. I have raised a support request, and uploaded my stuttering video files.

encoutered now the same Issue, did you solve it yet ???

Try to install the apps latest version. Also, there are sometimes device configuration issues that causes buffering and lagging issues on Amazon Prime.