Loud buzzing noise PPM

I backed the PPM through the Kickstarter campaign. Although the wait was painful I have been overall pleased with the product. All of a sudden it has started making a loud buzzing noise when turned on. It started out quieter and even went away for a few days but now it is a consistent loud buzz. No changes in autofocus or function. It changes based on positioning of the projector (completely resolves when upside down) so I’m assuming this is a physical parts issue. I’ve already emailed screeneo support but thought I’d post here as well to see if any assistance can be expedited.

Thanks in advance!

This sounds like a fan with some kind of obstruction.
This might happen with dust in time but it sounds like it is not anymore balanced properly which causes this sound. When you flip it upside down it might move the fan position inside the socket and simply the obstruction is avoided (for now).