Mac OSx AirPlay - video stutter / Jitter

I’m attempting to Airplay from my 2016 MacBook Pro and the video is just all jittering and loses frames. On the Mac, it plays fine.

Tried it as screen mirroring and as a second display… same results.

Any fixes?

I think that’s just what will happen via airplay – you’re basically asking you computer to compress and send 1080p 30fps on the fly in realtime.

I find online videos are fine to airplay or screen mirror, but it’s videos stored in local hard drive that is the problem

Try 5GHz Wifi. If it still doesn’t helps, you should check with @Philips_Support_P.

Hu everyone, I am experiencing problems with Airplay mirroring from a Macbook. Specifically, image would sometimes become jerky and more often there is a clear delay between image and sound (with sound being late), even if I connect the projector to speakers via cable. This is happening with any video I would play from the Macbook (youtube, amazon video, netflix, other streaming videos). Internet connection is sound at home. Any suggestion? @PhilipsEngineering @PhilipsNono or anyone else?
Thank You

Hi @Francescofontanello are you using a 2.4 GHz or a 5GHz wireless network? 5GHz significantly improves performance.

The issue of audio/video out of sync when AirPlaying is being checked by us.

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Thank you for the answer. same thing is happening with both 2.4 and 5GHz wireless. Any other suggestion? please keep us updated

Are you sure that both the projector and the MacBook are on 5 GHz wireless network?
I experienced shuttering with airplay but the projector was on 5GHz while the MacBook was on 2.4GHz. This is due to band steering but maybe you are not in the same case.

Thank you for the comment; yes, both devices on 5GHz, same problem

Now I’m not technical enough to say but there are a lot of advanced settings in modem routers that can be changed and tweaked most of us don’t even touch it as majority of times it’s preset to work for devices and situations perhaps due to our location or service provider, but I was wondering if @Philips_Support_P can enlighten us maybe there are certain settings that are more important to the functioning of the ppm that can apply to Airplay ?

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Hi @Philips_Support_P, any news about my question? still the same problem; both devices on 5GHz wifi, mirroring through Airplay is extremely bad. Didn’t get any hint about you checking-solving the problem. Thank you!

Hi there,

When using AirPlay on my MacBook Pro with (OSMojave 10.14.6) I’m experiencing an audio lag.
I want to Airplay an video (for example Netflix) from my MacBook to PPM and connect the Bluetooth speaker (JBL Flip 3)

The same happens when I’m AirPlaying from my phone to PPM. Audio on all recorded videos that I have on my phone in PhotosApp is delayed.

Anything I can to fix this problem?


I have the same problem and it is very disappointing from a reference brand like Philips.

The airplay does not work… a huge lag with the sound, a jerky video stream, impossible to watch any video.

Do you have a solution? I bought this projector specifically to project videos with airplay…