Manually Configure IP Address

I’m trying to manually configure the IP settings and I can’t get it to work. If I choose the manual IP setup it still seems to pull in DHCP settings and overwrite what I manually configured.

I have a VPN router setup on my same wifi network and so I want to point the picopix to that device as the gateway and DNS so that all traffic goes through my VPN connection.

It seems there is very little ability to edit/manipulate the IP settings when connecting via WiFi?

Hi @starbuck try to configure the IP address manually by going to the WiFi network name in the android settings: How to access hidden (default) Android settings?

@starbuck … Does your router allow you to edit ip tables ? Mine, running dd-wrt, has been configured to redirect all port 53 DNS packets to the router, for example.

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I believe this is a bug and software team will repair this soon. If you have administrator account on your router, just use dhcp ip address (lease) reservation feature under your dhcp server settings.