Menu / GUI resolution and logos

Ok just got the PPM and have for sure some questions!

Image quality isn’t that sharp at least in the GUI / Navigation i get the feeling that it’s lower resolution than Full HD! Is that so?

When starting for example Netflix it prompts for update! Should you allow that or will it break the full HD support?

24HR clock support available?

  • GUI resolution looks lower indeed, I can’t recall what I read about that
  • Do NOT update the patched, built-in Netflix! If you already did, uninstall the app and use the placeholder on the home screen to reinstall it
  • 24-hour display format is available but I don’t think you’ll like it much, it displays the time as hh:mm:ss, very annoying to see the seconds also constantly updating.
    You can get to that setting and others via the Android settings menu as explained here: INFO: How to access hidden (default) Android settings?
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Ok, it works pretty well, first challenge was to pair the remote. Software update went well.

Did play back content over wifi and from an USB stick without any problems!

Netflix works, and seems to play in full HD.

There are some parts Philips needs to work on and emhance on the software side!

Bad things :

DRM content do not play back over Airplay or Chromecast (Content you did buy in Apple Store or Google Play Store) Non DRM content seems to works fine.

App’s have a need to be enhanced! Youtube works but content you bought (Movies) do not playback, guess it’s DRM once again.

GUI and logos on Main screen and navigation might need to be enhanced, just got the feeling it is not using Full HD.

24HR format for clock is missing, can be changed from a hidden menu but then is annoying as it also displays Seconds…

Tripod is no good, limited adjustment possibilities! Using a small Manfrrotto one instead.

As mentioned, Charge cable is to short! Should have been like 50 cm longer at a minimum.

Installation/setup instruction needs to be reworked, add like Remote pairing instruction first or add it to a quick setup! (Didn’t find a Quicksetup even if instruction says there is one?)

Fan sound on normal mode should have been optimized some more, it’s Pretty high

Other from that;
Nice build quality, some limitations. But it’s a small portable projector so You should not expect Miracles!

Hi @R347ITY,

Some responses to your issues :

  • Yes, there are limitations due to DRM, but it’s not on PPM side, it’s on Video Industry side…
  • I’ve read that Philips plans to update the UI. Maybe it will be better.
  • I’ve found no solution either for the 24h time. Must be worked by Philips.
  • You’re right about the tripod, but I think it can do the job in casual usages.
  • The setup will be integrated in a step by step friendly automatic setup. But it has not been released yet.
  • Charge cable : Well, longer is often better, but often more expensive…
  • About fan noise, as discussed in another thread, it could be optimized as the PPM doesn’t go really high in temperature. But it must be well designed because it involves long term health of the PPM.
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Autofocus is not always locking at optimal focus, but after one or 2 focus button pushes it gets better.

manual focus adjustments is a bit hard to use to tune in optimal focus.

Would be nice to quickly lock focus when optimal (turn off autofocus) might need a GUI update to get some quick change settings.
Hopefully Philips will continue to release updates to optimize it!

Yes, that’s why it’s so useful that we provide here our feed back and improvement ideas :wink: !