Miracast choppy video/not fluid

When casting my screen from a Samsung Note 8 to the Picopix Max, the video looks very choppy/not fluid. Everything is updated to the latest version.
Anyone has the same issue?
In apps like YT, TED and NETFLIX, the video is smooth. It seems to be an issue with the Miracast, right?


Yep, here’s my experience with several types of casting and galaxy Note 9, I have not found a stable combination yet…

Hello, I was able to try AirServer Connect.
Audio stutters but after a while it becomes stable. Video plays smoothly. But in this case there is a noticeable out of sync between video and audio :confused:
Google Cast → smooth video but stuttering audio
miracast → low res video but audio ok
airserver → smooth video, smooth audio but out of sync

From my thread:

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Out of all the streaming protocols, the AirPlay™ implementation on PicoPix Max is the most stable. So I suggest using it whenever possible, even on Android devices.

Audio and video out of sync, when mirroring via AirPlay™, is being investigated.


Is Airplay still the best solution?
Is it a 3rd party app that we need to install on android?

My experience with miracast or any wireless display is quite bad even in other devices, not just in PPM.
I really wouldn’t suggest using it. Chromecast and Airplay are different because they work over your network so they tend to be better. Miracast on the other hand is direct connection between your phone and the receiver, PPM in this case.

Thanks Kugiigi,
I have Chromecast and AirPlay [ON] in the settings but I cannot find how to connect my android to either the chromecast interface nor the AirPlay. Do we need to install a 3rd party app in order to connect to stream to the PPM?

I’m not sure if Airplay is available for Android as it is Apple who doesn’t want to share anything to others :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: but both technologies need you to be on the same network. Depending on your router, you should also be in the same wifi, either 2.4G or 5Ghz. Chromecast icon should be shows in your app if it detects a chromecast receiver (PPM) which should be automatic if the requirements are met. For youtube though, it currently doesn’t work well so I suggest to pair your device in the smart youtube tv app. There’s an option there somewhere in the settings.

See screenshot attached. When I press the icon to stream to the PPM it says “connecting…” but it never connects. I am in the same network.
Is this how the Chromecast feature should work?

As mentioned, try to link your device to the smart youtube tv app instead of using the default chromecast in the youtube app. That doesn’t work well on the PPM.

Ok :slight_smile: that was the Chromecast protocol. Good to know!
Now lets try the protocol: “Link with TV code”:

Maybe the code is missing a digit so the button isn’t enabled?

New update V1.2.4. …and still not workling.
Can anyone stream from they android phones or use “play on TV” feature on youtube?