Mirroring problem

I have two problems:

  1. I was not able to mirror my windows 10 screen. I tried several ways which i found on google but none work. Could anyone tell me how to do it?

  2. I was not able to play Apple TV+ via airplay. It just pop out an error says “there’s a problem loading this content” on my new Ipad. What is going on here? I also tried to use iphone and i had the same error.

the firmware on my PPM was 1.0.24 and i was not able to update to 1.0.25.


I was able to cast my windows 10 desktop to the PPM with the Chrome browser cast desktop feature.

I just loaded the 1.0.25. software update, but am still experiencing the same issue described by @monsterayt copied below. Does anyone know know of a solution for this?

I was not able to play Apple TV+ via airplay. It just pop out an error says “there’s a problem loading this content” on my new Ipad. What is going on here? I also tried to use iphone and i had the same error.

You are using google cast function to cast the content on Chrome only. May I confirm if PPM support Miracast on Windows 10?

I think it is quite misleading as it is advertised “Go big and wirelessly casts your screen directly from any Android, iOS, Windows or MacOS device!”

It cannot mirror content on Windows wirelessly if it doesnot support Miracast. Please let me know if I am wrong.

Hello, Miracast is supported. It needs to be started. Please start it from Settings > Screen Mirroring > Android.

To cast AppleTV+ content your destination device (PPM) would need AirPlay 2 Support. PPM doesnt have this “yet”:

Chrome does have a desktop cast feature (not only browser tab)2020-01-17_15-57-40

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Hello PPM Team,
Would it be possible to get info from your techies as to which screen mirroring method is the most efficient from a Windows 10 PC? I.e. less audio/video lag and sync issues.

Miracast or Chrome browser screen cast?

I believe Miracast is a hardware thing so should be less problematic, but there might be reasons on the PPM why Chrome screen cast is better.
(I’d do a performance test for you but haven’t received my PPM yet :slight_smile:)

Thank you

Thank you

Ok. I tried Miracast and successfully connected. However, the screen on PPM freezed just after 1 min. I tried to disconnect and reconnect several times and this problem happended again. The only thing that worked was when I was watching youtube by using Google Chrome and the video lag behind for 3~4 seconds. Please fix it. thanks


I have a problem screen mirroring my mobile Huawei Mate 20 pro using the enable projection feature on the mobile to the PPM. I can see the PPM device but when I tried to mirror, it it keeps failing. On the PPM, I select mirror and android. I

Please help

Hi @Suhaimi_Abdullah, in fact for Android you have two options to cast:

  • Miracast: this is started when you select the “Android” option.
  • Google Cast: this is started when you select the “iOS” option (sorry for the confusing name!)

Let’s try both and figure out which one works better for your phone.

Via Miracast

  1. Go to Settings > Screen Mirroring > Android.
  2. On the top-right corner, you will see a name PPX620-NNNNNN where NNNNNN is a 6-character number.
  3. Ensure that you see “Searching…” below this name.
  4. Go to your phone’s Wireless projection / Casting feature and select this name.
  5. The “Searching…” will change to “Connected…” and in a few seconds your phone’s screen will be mirrored.

If that doesn’t happen, try the 2nd option:

Via Google Cast

  1. Start the “iOS” mirroring app (Settings > Screen Mirroring > iOS). This only needs to be done one time, after that it’ll stay active any time you turn on your projector.
  2. Power OFF the PicoPix Max, and power it back ON.
  3. Now on your phone go to the Wireless projection / Casting settings. You should see a device name PPX620-NNN where NNN is a 3-digit number. Select this. The screen mirroring should start.

Does this work?

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Shouldn’t you up date your Indiegogo page as it states ’ completely Apple ready ’ underlined. It doesn’t look as though this is the case and indeed may never be. Understand that things change but use of the term completely ready is pritty strong considering your comments about development and people are dropping a large sum of money


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Robin, good idea to update the information. For your reference, Apple TV+ launched in November 2019, after the campaign. It didn’t exist when we were designing the product. Nevertheless we’re getting in touch with Apple about this (and AirPlay2).

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I backed this knowing that I can watch shows from my iPhone on the ceiling of my bedroom.

I’ve had the PPM for two days now and can’t get anything to play from my iPhone. It will mirror my iPhone screen but won’t play any videos or movies from the apps I use on my phone.

Simply stated, how do I watch shows from my iPhone11 using the PPM? I’m running .25.

Edited to add that I’ve tried plugging the usb-c from my iPhone to the PPM and that just shows a No Signal screen.


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@Philips_Support_P Can we add a Mirroring / Casting section for Android and iOS in the Knowledge base?
Also, if possible publish a list of known issues thread so that backers don’t duplicate on the list of issues you are already aware about.


Good idea, I will do so.


Are you saying that the only ways to mirror the PPM to an iPhone/iPad/Mac/Android phone are via Miracast or Google Cast?

I own all of the above-mentioned devices and none of them are mirroring to my PPM (which I received and updated to .25 today) - even after following your steps for mirroring via Miracast and via Google Cast. If none of the steps work, does this mean there’s a bug somewhere?

Kindly link the Mirroring/Casting section to this thread for us and future readers. Thanks.

No, AirPlay is the recommended casting method for Apple devices.

You need to start the iOS casting app on the projector at least once.

Please also double check that your phone and the projector are both on the same wireless network.