Mouse cursor stopped working

What’s your ticket number? I’m handling campaign logistics only, another colleague is doing the aftersales issues. But I can ask him to update your ticket with the latest info if I have your ticket number.

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The original number was 24598
Then it got updated to 26893 in later emails, thanks for your help.

Got a notification from DHL thought it was the flash power bank turns out to be the airmote, was sent out on Monday received it on Wednesday pretty fast thanks for your help, but there is no news on the dead charger yet, should I open up a new ticket for that, what’s your suggestion?

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Open a new ticket by sending a new email to please. I closed the ticket 26893 for the Airmote after your confirmation of receipt.

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Hello! When im moving the remote cursor is working but when i point and press ok,its not working. Any sugestions??

Because you’re not meant to press ok but the remote cursor button that you first pressed to bring up the cursor, that is just like the left button of a mouse, and to cancel it just hit any directional arrow button, so that is all normal and exactly how it should work, the OK button won’t do anything.

Ok. Thanks for info