Movies you'll watch on your PPM

Hello Backers,

At some point before in the Telegram group someone asked the question about what movies you’re anticipating to watch first on your PPM. I know most of us are going to have to wait a bit more to get our hands on one of those bad boys, but let’s share some ideas.

Here is my list:

These are just some of them…

Also, what setup are you planning to use? Mine will be the minimum - on a slightly grey-ish wall and a BT speaker. Should think of something more robust tho.


Looking forward to a rewatch of The Madalorian and a first watch of Picard.
As for films, I’ve always wanted to see the opening scene of A New Hope play out on a BIG screen.
Bladerunner 2049 I’m watching again and Dunkirk I’ll watch for the first time.

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