My PicoPix Max review

Hello folks,

Informations :
Backer #807 from France

Contribution : 20/08/2019
Reception : 01/02/2020
==> 196 Days

Item : 419.00 €
Tax : 83.80€
Shipping : 0.00€
TOTAL : 502.30€

Reception :
After receiving the projector, I immediately updated it to 1.0.25, as advised on this community.
For the moment 3 use cases:

  • Gaming with a nintendo switch
  • A film with a hdmi plugged blu-ray player
  • Smart Youtube and Netflix pre-installed app try
    FYI : I used an external jack wired speaker.
    FYI2 : I used the projector in normal mode (not presentation not energy saver)

What I like :

  • Good image quality
  • Quite easy to use
  • Imperceptible input lag
  • Auto-focus and precision adjustement with remote
  • Easy to set-up because of the internal battery, allowed me to find the best setup before plugin ac adapter.
  • After a 3h movie, the projetor is nearly cold

What I don’t like :

  • Smart Youtube quality was good, real 1080p and fluid sound … but in 15 fps …
  • Netflix quality was not good (480p I think) but fluid picture and fluid sound
  • The noise
  • No user manual (explainations for the led indicator signification for exemple)
  • Cheap remote (too few buttons and only work behind the projector)

What I expect in the futures updates :

  • Maybe we can expect an adaptation of the ventilation speed depending on the temperature, specially because after a long session the projector is not warm.
  • Source choice in the home menu instead of settings menu
  • Fluid build-in apps
  • A user manual icon in settings menu, which be directly “hosted” in the ppm memory
  • Complete RGB colors settings options for a better calibration

Conclusion :
For ~500€ I think it is a good smart projector.
There are some problems but many of them can be fixed with an update.
I’m happy to have it



Check out the instructions to pair it to Bluetooth so that it will also work everywhere. Otherwise, it is just an IR remote.


Hey, as suggested try this for the remote control as you are most probably using the IR only at the moment.

How to pair my remote control?
The remote control has 2 ways to control the projector: IR and Bluetooth. While IR works out of the box, bluetooth needs to be paired. In order to do so, please go to the projector Settings>Bluetooth. On the remote control, press OK+Volume- keys for 4 sec until the LED blinks. You should see the Philips AirMote appearing on the projector Bluetooth Device List. Press Connect on the remote control.

For next updates coming with 1.0.26 check here.

Thank you for the review and I’m glad you liked it!

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Thank you for your answers.
I did have a doubt about having read that it was possible but I had not seen the procedure to follow.

I can’t wait to see future versions that will definitely improve our projector

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The steps were given in previous Updates on Indiegogo. Now that we have this forum, you can also find it here.

Fully agree with you William on your future updates recommendations :

  • ‘Ventilation Speed’ depending on temperature
  • Source Choice from home menu


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Regarding the youtube app, I actually think it has the best and smoothest playback from the built-in apps in PPM. Can you try changing the video quality while playing a video?
Press OK then go to Quality >> Video. There you can select available qualities.
There 2 codecs - vp9 and avc. In my experience, vp9 works better with 60fps videos but other than that, both seems to be smooth. Experiment with those qualities and see which looks smooth to you.
Your selection will be preferred if it is available in the video you are playing otherwise I think it will pick the next best quality.

Hi, I think the first bullet is planned as part of the next update. Not sure about the second one. Check this topic post:


Oh yes I see thanks , the ‘adaptative fan speed’ could be part of the next release but as they are saying it is dependent of team resources.

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