My projector shuts down after 90 minutes


my projector runs fine, but it always shuts down after approx. 90 minutes of usage without any message - the image just turns black. The accu is not empty yet, its around 50%. It also happens if plugged in. Could you please advise? Is this a software bug? I installed the newest firmware, same behavior.


Hi Patrick, welcome to the forum!

Please answer a few questions for me:

  1. Is it hot to the touch when this happens?
  2. What are you doing, is it always the same app?
  3. Is there any message saying “Shutting down…” or something along these lines?
  4. If you put it on right after it shut itself off, does it come on?
  5. Check the following: Power - Timed Shutdown. What do you see there?

Hi Ivo,

thanks for the quick reply. Please see my comments below:

  1. No, not really hot, but warm - but not more than a projector is when used
  2. It happens as well with amazon video and netflix as with the integrated video player
  3. No message at all, it just powers off
  4. Yes, it comes on after shutdown
  5. No configration set with timed shutdown

Thanks again!

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How tech-savvy are you?

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I am an IT Architect and Software Developer, so quite a bit :slight_smile:

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Excellent! I’ll need you to grab some logfiles from the device to enable us to troubleshoot what’s causing the shutdown.

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Sure, how exactly can I download those from the device? Is there a debug or developer menu or similar?

Check your PM’s (not to be confused with Check your PMS :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

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