Need home menu link to USB-C, HDMI, mirroring, etc inputs

Just tried USB-C input from my Android phone. Worked as expected. However, it only changes to this input when you put the USB-C cable into the PPM. If you go to home menu there is no way to switch back to USB-C input except pull the cable out of the PPM and out it back in. Even unplug / replug at the phone end does not make the PPM switch inputs. Good news is that my phone did charge while connected to the USB-C video in Port on the PPM, which is an awesome detail to get right! However, having to unplug and replug that cable at the PPM takes the convenience out of my idea of leaving a long USB-C permanently attached to the PPM and using it to watch videos going to sleep, and then just leave the phone connected all night to charge…

1.0.21 had one home item for external input(s) IIRC, but there is none on 1.0.24. 1.0.25 NEEDS an individual home screen item for each possible external input!

Philips has already replied on IGG. As this is a portable projector, the input selection is automatic to the last connected port.

I think I read somewhere that you could switch via settings, but I am not sure…

There is actually a menu to select input in settings. This screen also shows up at start-up…

Thanks. How I did not notice that menu I will never know.

I would still prefer icons on the home screen, but at least there is this.

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Yes we will add the sources in the Menu Soon @PhilipsEngineering


It’s already there in settings.

Also @PhilipsEngineering, if possible, would be great to let us disable auto input switching based on signal detection.

Is anyone able to input USB-C by connecting to a laptop?
I tried it on GPDWIN2, but it was not reflected on the projector
GPDWIN2 supports alternate mode

Dude, I created a separate thread to request the option to disable auto input selection feature Option to disable auto input switching based on signal detection

Join me there to show Philips this function is needed.

Please put a quicker input selection on the main screen itself. It’s taking too much click just to do a simple switching of input.


Input source should definitely be easier to reach. I’ve created a topic for such settings that I think should be available from the settings side bar which hopefully can be invoked from any app.

@zzo113 This is very random but have you tried using the HDMI? In my experience, type C didn’t worked on both my laptop and phone the first time I tried them. Then I tried HDMI which worked immediately. Then I tried type-C again and boom, it worked! :slight_smile:

QUICK ACCESS MENU (better side bar)

I would like to revisit this topic about Quick Access Menu. The side bar with 'Projector settings, file manager and the likes is not intuitive enough. It can be converted into a programmable quick access menu that user are able to add actions to some slots available. These actions maybe pre-defined ones like ‘input selection’, ‘Brightness mode’, ‘Shutdown’, ‘Auto-focus’ (for those who use 3rd party remote or lost their airmote) and etc.

If can’t make it programmable, then above recommended actions can be hard coded in fixed place at the side bar. It will make more sense to be able to quickly change input source or select brightness mode (Energy Saver, Normal and Presentation) more than the need for wallpaper selection and file manager.

Once I selected input source, the side bar can be refreshed with the choices of the sources and clicking on return at airmote goes back to the previous menu and return again closes the side bar.

We all know all these can be accessed through the settings but it’s just too many many clicks away (labor intensive). Just my 2 cents.

Hope @PhilipsEngineering and team will really consider this as very good feature to put into next update version timeline.

cc @PhilipsIvo

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Ronald, would you care to become a beta tester perhaps? :thinking: :wink:

Haha… I can suggest good common sense but I am no tester… :sweat_smile:

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Too bad, else you could’ve seen what’s in store in this regard…

Well… Hope it exceed our expectation. If can do as independent overlay over any app running will be great… So that we can set the settings off over the app without exiting from it.

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We’re not quite there yet, but yes, that would be awesome!