Neopix 520 welcome music

Just bought a Neopix 520. I can’t stop the welcome music playing. I’ve got Netflix playing a movie and it’s still playing the welcome music in the background. Please help.

Hello Stuart,

Are you using Netflix on the 520?
If yes, it means that you didn’t go through the entire Easy Setup tutorial.
1: please reset Android TV by going to the Settings
2: go through the entire Android TV process (pairing remote, going through Google account…)


Hello, sorry this is not related to the sound but there is so little about the neopix 520 and I am struggling now with it. It worked fine after a lot of trial and error to set it up.

Then the sound was too low so we tried to connect a Bluetooth speaker. As it paired the whole system just stopped working. I suddenly only had a projector menu and a screen showing arrows to the USBC or HDMI ports. I only have access to these screens. So out of desperation I chose to reset to factory settings but nothing changed. It just offered me the projector menu and the screen with the arrows to the ports and it’s really maddening.

I have no idea what to do and might send it back. It was so nice when it worked but now I have no android menu or access to use the Google connection at all. And the usbc doesn’t pick up anything either.