Neopix Ultra2 TV+ restore image

I downloaded the V1.4.0.11 software in my neopix and now the screen looks burned. The colors are completely saturated. Is there a way to do a cable reset and go back to the previous software? How can I fix this?

Hello, it seems you are not using the right software. please use this one:

Hi! Thanks! I tried but it says it can’t detect software file so it’s not working either.

PLease unzip the file at the root of the USB stick

It is not working. I did the update today with that file and the projector still looks the same. I’ve been trying to do the troubleshooting on the website and it does not recognize the model. I’ve tried to call philips Ireland and all the numbers are invalid. Can you please advice me on how to continue?

Hello, when you say it is not working: the software we gave you is not recognized ? Or the update works but you still see the image issue ? Also, are you using a Fat 32 USB stick ?

We’ve been given another file by contacting Philips NeoPix support. Now it is working but there’s a big brown spot in the middle of the screen. I am getting tired of this, the projector is not even a year old. All I want is to go to Arnots (where I bought it) and claim the warranty but they need confirmation number from you. There’s no repair centre in Ireland and I can’t reach any of the numbers provided by the website. I just need a new unit.

Hello, it means this is not the right software.
If you want to exchange it where you purchased it, you can use your warranty (2 years).
Please reach out to our customer care for confirmation

We’ve already tried using that one. Also the and with that one the colors look ok but we have that brown spot in the middle affecting the image. That’s exactly what I want to do, but how do I contact them from Ireland? All the numbers in the website are invalid and I filled the form with contact request days ago without even a confirmation email in return (I’ve checked my junk folder)

Can you please provide me with an uplift number? My store is saying that they won’t replace it unless they have the uplift number from philips.

I have NPX644 with same problem. How can i fix it? Could you please share correct firmware?

Hello guys, can you send an email to and also give the Serial number ? We will send you the right Software

Как восстановить мой NPX644? Имел ту же проблему с версией

Скачал При установке обновления завис на 1% с надписью “No match file”. После этого он не включается. Как перепрошить?