Netflix and Apple Tv+ with Picopix Max One

Hey !

Just received the maxone and everything works great except for the sound on Netflix and Apple Tv+.

The image is there but no sound at all.

Any idea on what is the cause of this ?

Thank you

These are connected via HDMI, correct?
I have no PPM One but perhaps you can try changing the audio format on your media stick.
You may check this related issue on PPM.

Exactly, you can change the audio format directly on Netflix App or directly in the stick itself

Thank you !

But still no positive outcome.

Yes, it is a PPM One with an HDMI linked with an Iphone through the Apple adapter.

The media stick doesnt seem to offer the possibility of changing the sound to stereo.

How do you change the sound setting on the Netflix app ? Couldn t find the proper place

Thank !

When you launch the Movie/Serie, go to Languages/Subtitles and you can change from 5.1 to Stereo. Can you check for me?

Hello !

We dont see any option to switch from 5.1 to stereo.
Really disappointing to bot have the possibility to use Netflix for such a pricey product !

Fabian Gattoni