Netflix Not Working After Update

After updating my Netflix to the latest version, it no longer works. What version was originally installed, and why does the new version not work? how do I fix this?

you should not update the latest version. its not compatible with ppm.

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Same thing happened to me. I just reset the PPM back to the Factory Setting to fix it.

It says in the update notes to not update the Netflix app.

The reason behind this is that they have patched the app to ensure you can get full HD quality. When you update it removes this patch and therefore unable to stream at full HD.

The Netflix app is specially patched, please don’t update it.

If you updated it, please uninstall it. Then a placeholder icon will still be visible on the home screen. Click it once to reinstall the preloaded version.


hello, i have updated the ppx firmware and also the netflix app. Now, i have a message that the device does not accept this app. How should i do ?

See 1 message above your message from 16jan.

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