Netflix Remote User Experience


I can’t navigate with my remote on the Netflix app to use the menu during a movie.

  1. To change langage and subtitle etc.

Because when I use the left of right button it move backward or forward. How can I use the app correctly ?

  1. Neither, I can’t make a pause on movie for the same reason

Thx for helping

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Good question. I noticed this on the Xgimi H1 at work. Hope this is fixed or will be fixed for PPM. I cannot tell at the moment cause I’m still waiting for the device. :slight_smile:

@PhilipsIvo you have the device, how is the navigation for Netflix?


Working all normal here, also using a small rapoo usb wireless keyboard with touchpad to navigate.

The only thing I noticed is that the OK button does nothing when I want to submit in mouse mode.

@FrCustomer when you have started the movie in Netflix you twice click the mousebutton on the remote…then the menu appears (on the top right) there you should be able to change language and subtitle I think.

@Vin it might work for you too…

Basically you control Netflix via the mouse pointer by pressing the pointer button like @TopiPuti says.

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I think I can’t because I can only use my remote with IR. The bluetooth is broken in my PPM.
Before the exchange I will use my mouse.

Surely “use your mouse pointer” is not final solution? I really hope there is a backlog item to implement what OP has suggested. Is there?

I think this is not possible because the Netflix App used is a patched version for Tablet Devices. The Netflix App with the TV Interface and Media Controls will not happen officially for the PPX.

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