New Firmware for the U5 ?

I noticed you guys have a new firmware posted here but the link seems to be dead.

Can you share a new link ?

Source: Video Dolby vision - #5 by Philips_Support_N

Hello, don’t worry we will send it by FOTA update very soon to everyone.

Any ETA on when we might expect it ?


Hello, the beta testers found an issue with the Bluetooth and our engineers are working on it

Can we maybe beta test the firmware at our own risk ?
Would love to help out.

Does anyone know what the new firmware/software version number is?

Hello, we are currently rolling out the new version by FOTA. This week, please check directly in the Projector Settings>ABOUT>UPGRADE to receive your update.
Please be patient, we are rolling out by small batches.

Back from vacation, I noticed. Had to do a manual update check though, or is that what you mean by rolling it out as in region by region not to overload the servers ? :slight_smile: C’mon you guys :slight_smile: Just dump it on your Hue Servers :stuck_out_tongue: Ok, back to the subject.

A welcoming change is the NTFS support I believe & better BT support, any other list of changes I can read about the changes, curious. Literally just got back but I did check the official U5 support page, but for now it’s pretty barren of content. Maybe later ? Changes be nice :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your work.