New Philips PicoPix Max is totally Un-Operable

Hi Prashant,

This device is not operable at all. I had hundreds of issues while configuring the device before I gave up. Below are few issues:

  • I could not connect to Airmote at all, as it never appeared in the available devices list.
  • It kept switching back to home screen every 2 seconds and didn’t let me open any setting or any app
  • The touch pad on top of the device is either not working at all or is over sensitive.

I don’t want this product at all as I don’t have any patience left now to tolerate this pathetic device.

It seems to be a total waste of money and time. Please let me know how can I return this.

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Hi Apurva,

Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear you are experiencing problems with picopix max. Have you tried factory resetting the unit? Also are you running the latest firmware?
As for pairing the remote, did you put it in pairing mode as written in the FAQ?

Hope the above helps. If you really want to request a refund, you can contact screeneo on


I did factory reset, updated latest version and performed the steps given in below link for pairing the remote and it didn’t work.

It really difficult to make it work.

Hi @ApurvaA I believe you’ve already contacted support center and they already provided you further instructions. So I will close this thread now. If you have any other concerns feel free to email the support line or post a new topic. Thanks.