Nice Plex-like UI for internal/onboard files

Rather then posting this in the “Working Apps” thread I thought it deserved it’s own topic.

For me, the PPM will be used primarily outdoors, away from internet, so the ability to store and playback files from the onboard storage is critical, but, I didn’t want to be navigating to movies through the file structure in XPlore or using the basic UI in the “Media Player” app.


I found this app:

It works AMAZINGLY well, auto scrapes info and fanart etc, sorts into years, genres etc etc, very Plex like

I did find that playing ANY movie using the Nova video player dropped frames and was unwatchable, but, there is a setting to “Open with external player” and you can chose to open videos with MXPlayer, and if you select “Always” it will automatically open every file in MXPlayer, seamlessly.

Audio is in sync over BT, its just great!

So with my 128G micro SD card installed, I have a fully independent entertainment machine…LOVE IT!


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