No input signal !

Hello, I’ve just received my screeneo U4 and I have to say I’m disappointed that you can not send any wifi signal to it (from a smartphone, tablet or wifibox) but you need an hdmi adaptator that I don’t have! Then I connected my Blue rRay player to it , but something very frustrating happened: it works during 5 sec but then it lost the input signal and it is impossible to get it back!!! No input signal appears on the screen ! Why ??

Hello Frank, thank you for your feedbacks.
1: we never talked about wifi during our campaign and this was not stated in the product specs. We made a simple projector for our client to connect what ever device they wanted
2: concerning the BD player: can you please send us a video? Thanks!

Did you tried another hdmi cable? One who is not so long? It happens when a hdmi cable is too long that you losing signal…