No input source

Last week I finally received screeneo u4, while it looks nice - it shows super strange behaviour.
I have two laptops with HDMI output, one with OSX (MacBook M1 max), and another with Windows 11 (Razer blade 2020).
When I try to connect projector with supplied HDMI cable to Mac - nothing happens at all. Mac is not recognising the projector so no any additional display options available.
With Windows based laptop - sometimes windows recognises second display, but projector shows NO INPUT SOURCE message. Few times there was the case when projector was able to recognise windows machine and project something, but after some minutes went back to the mode ‘no input source’.

I’ve installed firmware update (currently running with 1.6.9) but it doesn’t changed behaviour.

It seems that the problem on device side, as it’s acting weird with two different laptops.

So now the questions:
Is it hardware fault? and is device eligible for exchange in this case?
Or is it some kind of firmware fault and will be fixed with one of the future updates?

Seems I have a jackpot, additionally to strange HDMI behaviour, I tried to plug fire tv stick, and it complained that there’s not enough power output from the projector.

Fire TV stick needs external power. Same as Apple TV. There is discussion on powering and delivering 1.5A on USB-port not on HDMI I guess…

Never was aware that power can be delivered over HDMI. Of course I plugged stick charging cable to USB port on projector. And that’s where it complained about not enough power.

Screenio was promising to deliver 5V 1.5A power on its usb port. According to different reports - fire stick required 900mA, but my projector (and seems more people affected by that) fails to deliver that, so we need to use second power outlet to give enough power to fire stick. I saw you mention that you use Apple TV, this devices always require separate power cord, but firth and chrome cast supposed to get power via USB, so users can minimise outlet requirements :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for the clarification. I missed that and would be great to see that working! Anyway results so far with lots of tweaks on various settings very good with both Fire TV Stick on internal speaker (Cinema) and ATV thru Sony Soundbar the ARC.

Hi Roman, another update from me. I have the 1080P version of the Fire Stick. Tonight I have powered the stick thru the USB-port and it works. Perhaps a 4K version needs more juice?

I have regular version of fire stick as well, selected to order regular instead of 4K, when I saw the reports of some units not providing enough power

I have an Apple TV, it has its own power source. It has never had issues connecting to anything via HDMI, including the PicoPix Max.

Now, it’s “No Input Source.” I have to restart the projector, or jiggle the cable, before it recognizes it. Not good.

Same for me, I use the supplied HDMI cable and Apple TV 4K is not recognized.
Very annoying, after turning on the projector I have to physically restart Apple box so U4 could detect it.

1.7 firmware

Also U4 doesn’t receive CEC vplume commands from Apple TV remote.