No more app in 'More apps' in launcher 2.4.4

Hi Philips. I just updated the sceeneo launcher to 2.4.4 and there are no more app behind the ‘More Apps’ tab. Can you please fix this?
Also , once you promised “Soon folders and changeable background images” Any news on that?
Still a happy customer!

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we will check it right away.
Thank you for pointing out!

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2.4.4 What features do you have? It freezes when you press the back button.

BTW, I meant “soon Favorites and changeable background images”, not Folders. But I guess no answer to that yet. But is there any chance on those features being implemented? My PicoPix Max still remembers the Favorites from when you could set those, but I can’t change them anymore.

Hello, yes indeed we are working on it for several of our projectors including the Max and NeoPix 320

Great to hear, thanks for your message!

I fixed it by going to Settings - Software version press several times, system apps - screeneo launcher - remove updates. After that it re-updated after restart device and now I see apps again.