Not calibrating

Hi there,

It’s been awhile since I received my PPM but have never got time to get to this issue.

My PPM is not calibrating at all, and I have never run updates on it before. Can someone help me out here? Tried uploading a video here, but new users are not allowed to upload :frowning_face:

With thanks!

Hi @gordonhere please update your Picopix Max to the latest version first.

Then, please follow this guide:

Also please read all the articles in the Image corrections section for more details.

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Does the PPM have to be projecting a viewable image during calibration or can I just put it on any flat surface? i.e if I usually had the projector on an angle in a mount pointing at a screen, could I go to the calibration option, place the projector on any level surface and then press the button to calibrate before putting it back in the mount.

It doesn’t need to be viewable during the calibration, no. In fact, you don’t even have to take it off the mount if you can make sure it’s level when you start the calibrations. If you have a small level you can put it on it and check that it’s positioned in a level way, then run the calibration so the PPM will learn that the position it’s in at the moment is the reference level.

I used my iPhone’s built-in level to make sure it was level before calibrating it.

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