Nvidia Geforce Now

Hi everyone! Has anyone tried to install and play Nvidia Geforce Now via Android? thanks!

Hmmm, is it now live? I tested the beta a month ago on windows but didn’t know it supports Android.

Yes, so I just installed Geforce Now —which is now public, there is even a free version — by directly installing the .apk app downloaded from APK Pure. And it works!!

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Hi @lotr86

Can you give some details about what you managed to do with GeForce now on PPM ?


Hi @LLG, I managed to install the Geforce Now app: Télécharger NVIDIA GeForce NOW la dernière 5.29.28511044 Android APK

I downloaded the .apk from the link above, then I put it on a USB key and I just went to File Manager and then opened the .apk file, which then installed the Geforce Now app on the home screen. From there I was able to login to my Geforce Now account and launched my games. It works!

Now I just need to check which game controllers can work on Geforce Now running on PPM. Any advice from the community?


How’s performance?
I would assume xbox one controller would work well.

BTW, I suggest you install thr apkpure app for easy installtions and updates :wink:
I posted a video on youtube on how to fix portrait only apps.

Can you post the link again here? :slight_smile: I saw it when you uploaded it but can’t find it now.

you mean my youtube video?
I posted the link in the contest thread :wink:

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Xbox one s controller works okay. But it has some lag. Hopefully they will fix this with updates. HDMI is still the better option if you can position the pico.

Hey there, if anyones interested, GFN has new update version 5.27 and it works much better now. I’ve tested Geforce Now when this thread first appeared in Feb, tried to play Kingdom Come Deliverance but was too laggy to be playable. Game worked smoothly on GFN PC client, so it was not a network issue. With current android version the quality is fine, though not as good as on PC. I’m wondering if this is general issue of Android client or something platform dependend, only on PPM.