Occasional Audio Drops

I have been experiencing occasional instances where the volume coming from the speakers would dip low two or three times in succession during a movie and then return back to the original volume level. It is hard to predict when it happens— it’s almost as if an alert or a notification were going off causing the volume to compensate by lowering. For reference, I am running the latest firmware (.24) and have used this with multiple built in apps (Netflix, hulu, Crunchyroll) and different speakers (internal, and via bluetooth on a vizio soundbar, sony xb30 speaker, sony headphones)

If the touchpad area has volume controls, it may be possible that they are being triggered due to heat etc or it really could be caused by notifications. However, in the case of notifications, it automatically restores to the original volume after a little while. Maybe try turning off all notifications from the secret developer menu and giving this a go? I raised the heat on touchpad issue because someone else on here was having the issue where their PPM would automatically keep going back to the home screen. @Philips_Support_P any thoughts on this?

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I will give the touchpad a good, gentle wipe down with a microfiber cloth first. Thanks!

As for the developer menu, not sure how to get there but we’ll also see if it’s necessary after the update. To also note, PPM has been doing the same thing both plugged while in use and charging to full and unplugged while being discharged to empty

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Update: after the .25 update and having cleaned off the touch pad, it still does the weird audio drops. I did not notice anything popping up on the side indicating the audio level changing if anything.

@Philips_Support_P and @wernerj any guesses as to what might be going on?

It sure sounds a lot like a notification issue. Looking at the adb log might be the most efficient way of determining exactly which one. Sure adb was accessible, I have read that somewhere a week or so back.

Not sure why there would be so many notifications on a device with no email/IM accounts though (I assume the projector isn’t signed in to anything like that)

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Is it possible for you to record a few seconds audio or video clip showing this problem?

Yes that’s why I’m suspecting perhaps there are either some android system notifications or other screen events which are causing this. Could it be related to the way they are hiding the android status bar? Maybe a problem with the implementation that does not implement proper distraction free mode. My other guess is that it may be touchpad related as a couple of other users are reporting that they are taken back to the home screen automatically similar to how it would happen if someone was tapping the home button on an android device.

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It does happen pretty randomly but I will try my best to replicate and record the event. Hope you like cooking shows off of youtube!

Thanks for all of the input regarding this matter!


I got a few samples. Please excuse as I was snacking a little while waiting for the problem to replicate, lol. It was weird because I couldn’t replicate it on youtube (but it has happened before) so I switched over to Netflix and Amazon Prime where it seems to have happened the most

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Hmm, my money would be on a notification with a very short/silent sound file associated with it.

Is there possibly a way to enable “do not disturb” in the Settings -> Sound to see if that would have any effect?

If you guys could kindly point me in the direction of where to find said sound settings i’ll be more than happy to do so :+1:t3: I haven’t been able to navigate anywhere else other than the stock settings which only allow me to change image/wifi/bluetooth/network settings :pensive:

I was thinking, could it be power related? Notifs for device is charged and/or device battery is low? It happens both plugged and unplugged.

I haven’t had any opportunity to see the settings menu for myself yet, but the Sound settings are a standard Android feature. That might have been customized away, or the settings menu referred to might not even be the Android settings. ANy way to get to standard Android settings @Philips_Support_P?

Click 6 times on “Software Version” in Settings > About.
Boom, hidden stock android settings.

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To be honest I can’t spot the problem in these videos :frowning: I need to listen closer with headphones tomorrow…

About three seconds into the top one

Yeah, I apologize for that! I can try again if it ever comes back up. I will try the settings menu tonight :+1:t3:

Unfortunately I dont have a ton of time tonight to give it a try but I did run in to the sound settings and I saw that safe volume and system sounds were ticked on. I turned them off and was able to confirm that with both off I was still able to get sound. I will see if this solves the problem tomorrow. Sorry for the suspense!

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Bad news, still getting those random audio drops… I’m sorry I really wish I could pinpoint when and what is happening when the problem decides to pop up.