Option to have a temperature readout on screen

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Feature request
Is it possible to display current temperature (degrees Celsius) on the menu screen area? And a temperature warning if exceeding operation limit? Thanks

I installed an app that can show you the temps, called Simple System Monitor.


I installed and ran it but it crashed and quit immediately.

Why not have it available in a debug/serrings option… As well as battery health, pixel test, bandwith test, wifi speed!
And then make it available as a nice/cool status screen!


Yes… I think it’s crucial to know the current temperature so as not to burn up the unit. :slight_smile:

But you can’t control the fan?

The fan is not yet controlled by the temperature, but it is set to a fixed speed for each level of brightness. Screeneo would like to make the fan temperature-controlled, as that could (especially in cool environments) allow a lower fan speed while staying within thermal limits.

Until Screeneo can manage to make the fan temperature-controlled, people in hot environments might be interested in seeing the internal temperature of their projector. It would help them decide if they should move it to a place with better airflow or cooler air temperature. It might also guide them in selecting the most suitable brightness level for their intended use.

If Screeneo does manage to add temperature-regulation for the fan speed, this type of display could still be useful in cases where the fan has already hit max speed and the temperature keeps rising. It would be an interesting option if we could display the temperature on screen in that specific case: Max fan speed, but temperature high and rising.


Yes. That is our concern. You are spot on. Thanks

This is a planned feature.

Also note there is a hard thermal shutdown pre-programmed, so there’s no danger of overheating in most cases (except if the fan is broken).


Thanks, glad to hear it!

Even with the thermal shutdown for protecting the hardware, it is nice to give advance warning to the user that the current state of affairs is on an unsustainable trajectory. They may pick other options that are not available to the projector’s programming, such as abbreviating a presentation, or moving the projector case out of a spot of sunlight in the room.

Comparing to a recent comic: Shutting everything down hard is saying “things are bad now”, showing an increasing number is more like the graph “things will soon be bad, unless someone does something”.

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Just a note to all: while beta testing a certain app with very high Cpu usage, I was able to stress the PPM to the point that an acrid odor came from it. Until the temperature controlled fan feature is done, please be cognizant of your PPM. Putting it in a cabinet with low air flow, above other warm electronics, or using in a very hot environment may contribue to overheating as well.

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Which app was this if I may ask?

Kodi 18.6