Order of files on SD/Internal

I cannot figure out how files are ordered in the file manager. It is definitely not alphabetical. It might be in the order I first copied them to the SD / Internal? Is it possible to change the setting and choose alphabetical?

No one knows??

It’s probably in the order it is stored on the external media filesystem.

I agree it should be alphabetical or sorted by date. We will add this option.


@Philips_Support_P, will sorting be added to the File Manager in the next update? Best if we can choose to sort by name, date, type, etc. Can you also add “New Folder” too? Thanks.


still no answer to this?
i find it really annoying.
also that if you move into a folder, the selected point swaps over to the menu to the left and does not stay inside the selected folder.
please fix this!

Hi @Philips_Support_P I’ll also resurrect this thread, is this feature (sorting files/dirs alphabetically) on a roadmap with known date of arrival?