Original screen settings not returning after 4 corner adjustment


In 1.0.25, it seems that once we adjust / change the 4 corners for a projection from an angle, returning to the original settings are no longer possible. I can adjust the corners, but having them at 0:0 again doesn’t produce a rectangle when projectiong directly from the centre ever again. The projected image is also smaller once the 4 corners have been played with. The only way to get it back is to do a factory reset.


Hi @Rhonda we have observed no such issue. In the 4-corner correction screen, you can press the MENU key on the remote control (3 horizontal lines) to reset it to 0:0.

Maybe you have automatic keystone turned on which is readjusting the image? Or perhaps the Digital Zoom feature?

Hi Prashant,

Keystone is turned on. It was when it arrived, so I haven’t turned it off. A huge reason, is because, I have no idea what it does! Ha ha!

Could you please tell me what the automatic keystone is and what it’s supposed to do?


Hi @Rhonda, if you tilt the projector up or down to project the picture higher or lower on the wall, this feature automatically corrects the distortion to give you a straight picture at any angle.

For most people this is enough. But if you’re also projecting from the side instead of directly in the middle of the wall, then you should use 4 corner correction to manually match the corners of the projected image. In this case automatic vertical keystone can be kept on or off based on your needs.

Hi Prashant,

It only worked for me like that when I first got my projector, then I tried playing with it from a 40-45˚ angle and it was never straight again. Since then, if I put my projector on my coffee table, let’s say and angle it slightly up, but centred to where I’m wanting it, I still had to use the 4 corners, because it ended up with the top corners being way out beyond the lower ones. That was with the keystone on at 0:0 on all corners. A system reset is the only way to get the correct alignment again.

I tried turning the keystone off, and it resulted in a much bigger screen (8ft / 96"), but as in 1.0.24 the quality of the picture was like wearing someone else’s glasses that was the wrong prescription; it hurt my eyes. So, I turned it back on, and the quality did not go back to what I had before.

I ended up doing a system reset. From the exact same location, the projected image is smaller by about 8" each way, and although the quality is better (the pixels aren’t so obvious) i now have a headache.

I had a good picture before (maybe not shape). Messing with the keystone ruined this for me.