Other Ways to Activate Auto-Focus

Hello all,

I would like to suggest these features:

1. Button on main screen to activate auto-focus. This button should be easily accessible and navigate to by using just the trackpad even when the image is totally out of focus. This is useful if there is a problem with the AirMote (eg. lost, no battery, damaged, etc).

2. Function key on keyboard to activate auto-focus. This is useful for those of us using keyboard instead of the AirMote. I suggest a default mapping of Ctrl-F1. If possible, an option for users to customise to another key would be even better.

Please vote if you think this is a good feature to have.


  1. Instead of a button on the main screen a touchpad gesture might be used, like a three or four-finger touch of the touchpad, with swipes up and down or left and right to fine-tune the image (like a 2-fingered touch scrolls the image).
    Or a long-press of home followed by volume down or volume up to finetune.

  2. Also useful suggestion indeed.


@Philips_Support_P, do you think this suggestion can be implemented in future updates? Thanks.

@williammuk Just rotate the projector up/down a hearty amount. It will activate the autofocus.

In SW v1.1.0 there will also be a shortcut in the home screen.


Haha. That’s funny, @Philips_Support_P. But if the Auto Focus was disabled, then shaking it won’t work too.

But thank you for putting the shortcut in v1.1.0. Thanks.

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@Philips_Support_P, I could not find the shortcut to trigger Auto-Focus on the home screen in v1.1. Did I misunderstand what you said?

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