Philips nepopix 720/int

I’ve had this projector model for a week, for the moment everything works, although I want to make some caveats:
There are discrepancies between the User manual:
Remote control is different from the one that comes in said manual, although it really works.
I want to know the following topic about the manual focus lens, by the way, quite accurate, but the day I received it, they could not rotate it, until I called a center I know, they told me that in some models, the lens had to be rotated to the left making force, to unlock from its position, and. from there everything was easy. But the manual does not say anything about this and I previously had the 520 model and it did not work like that.
On the other hand, in the commercial brochure, it says that Android 11 has been implemented, nothing is further from the truth. It has Android 10 and after the security update that was downloaded automatically, when it is consulted it is version 10.2. I would like you to explain to me if it is correct and if not, how can I update to Android 11.
And finally, if I wanted to update the forced firmware at any time, they say to download a file “Fimware Neopix 720.bin” from the page, and then unzip it and put it on a FAT32-formatted flash drive, everything is clear, but no Is there a way to unzip said downloaded file, it seems that the file in question is corrupted or something like that. Well, the message it gives is that the file is not compatible, it does not matter if it is done in Windows 11 64 bits or OS Ventura Mac. (64bits)
I beg you please answer all these questions I have.
Thank you,


1: yes indeed there is an issue on the UM but the version 11 is coming. In any case you won’t see the different as we keep updating the security patch on the current version. The version 11 won’t add any new features
2: about the firmware update: what you have downloaded is the firmware for the projector, not for Android TV. For android TV, the system will tell you automatically when there is a new update. For the projector, you need to copy the bin file on a FAT 32 USB stick, at the root, then unplug the projector, plug the USB stick to the projector, connect the power again and you should see the power button blinking white/red.

But the lens does not communicate anything to me, I would like to know if what I have told you about this topic is correct, its operation or not.
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The focal adjustment is made directly by turning the lens left or right.

Thanks for the answer, but I have not asked how it is focused. I will try to explain more clearly what I want you to answer.
The first thing that surprised me when trying to focus, obviously as always turning the lens in the opposite direction. I observed that said wheel did not move to the right or to the left. This worried me. So I called a person I know who is an expert and she told me there is a model that the lens is locked for safety and that you have to apply a little pressure so that it unscrews and thus performs the smooth rotation functions to focus. As through my experience with other projectors I had not seen this. My question is, is this normal or is it a defect in my equipment?..I clarify that once it is unmounted and starts to rotate, it focuses quite accurately. This is what I want to know and if you don’t know it, I beg you to find out.
Thank you for your attention on it.

I beg you to answer my question and do not tell me again how to focus “turning from left to right” if you read, you will see that I am not asking you this. Read the message that I sent you yesterday without answering, (19h ago) that is what I ask of you. Nothing else.
Thank you. And regards,.

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