Philips PicoPix MaxTV Firmware update: "File not found"


I’ve been using Philips PicoPix MaxTV for almost a couple of years. I’ve tried many times to update the firmware, but I always get the same error message: File not found.

Looks like I did everything correctly:

  • I downloaded, extracted the file and put it on my USB stick

  • I connected the USB stick to the Projector (USB port, not Type-C)

  • I selected “Firmware update” and got “File not found”

  • I tried 3 different USB sticks, FAT32 or even ExFAT formatted. Android system on board sees the sticks w/o problem.

Question: how do I update the firmware? Thank you.

Hello @ValeriyBorzov please put the file directly on the USB stick (do not unzip it). If it still doesn’t work, you may need to open the door of the Android dongle underneath the projector and temporarily disconnect the USB cable from it. It’s possible the USB port is being directed to the Android dongle instead of the projector’s internal software.