Pico max was freezing

Hi Philips,

I am using the Pico max from last three months. It was working great but from last one month it was giving me trouble. when I turn on the projector the image just pixelate and froze. I have turn it off and restart it many times so that to work. but now its freezing too often. I need some help from Philips.

Hi @Preetham

Sorry to hear that.
Just to understand your case, which firmware are you running ?
When was your last update ?

Finally, can you make a short video in order to show the issue and post it here, to help Philips and forumers to understand it and maybe help you with more efficiency ?

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I had the Current Version : 1.0.29 which is latest. I had the same issue before this version

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Please check the video in the link below

I see it jumping to the external input when it starts up, do you have something connected there? If so, do you see the same behavior if you unplug whatever’s plugged in there?

I connected fire stick as hdmi input. The behavior was same with no external input as well.

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I re-read your first post. You say you have to restart it over and over before it finally starts up properly, and then it eventually freezes again. But you do manage to get it going eventually if I understand this correctly.
Next time you manage to get it working, can you try a factory reset (make sure the power cable is connected)?
And after that I’d like you to try to leave it on for half an hour just on the home screen, still powered by the charger.

I always connect the power cable. It has two scenarios, first scenario after the power on it was just a blank screen, home screen was not showing up at all. So I am trying to restart it now the second scenario if it manages to go to the home screen with in 1 or 2 minutes its just pixelate and froze. All these scenarios you can see in the video link I provided.
It used to work good. I am having this issue from last one month approximately.
I will try for factory reset and will let you know.

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Hi @Preetham I have forwarded the video and the problem description to the tech team.

Do you have enough ventilation around the device?

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Yes, it was properly ventilated. Finally I am able to factory reset after multiple restarts but the issue still showing up. I need some help on this at earliest convenience.

Its been a long time since I posted my issue here. It will be great help if picomax team respond and fix the issue. I don’t want a new device. Please fix my pico max and I am willing to pay for courier charges.

Hello @Preetham, this is a hardware defect covered under warranty. At the moment we don’t repair but ship you a new device as soon as we get your defective one. There will be no cost to you.

Please contact support@screeneo.com with the photo/video of the problem and ask for a warranty replacement. Thanks.

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@Preetham Hi Preetham, any luck with support reaching out to you to arrange for a return?

I have exactly the same problem like Preetham :confused:

Hi sorry for replying late. Philips send me a new replacement unit. But they took almost three months for my new pico pix. Hope that was improved by now.

Yes, but it took almost three months for my new replacement unit. Hope it was improved now.

Thanks for opening this issue, I have the same problem for a little while now.
Did the new unit worked better?

As of now I didn’t see that issue on my new picomax. Any way I am using less frequent now a days

Got it, thanks for the feedback!

I am getting this issue as well. I am not sure if I can send it in for a replacement.