Picomax Performance Outdoors?

My main reason for picking up the Picomax was to use for outdoor movie nights. For anyone that has one, have you used it outside and how has it performed late night with ambient light around?

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you will be satisfied, tried it in the yard, very pleased. I want to use it for movie nights in the park.


I got this for the same reason to mainly use for camping and outdoor movie nights and in a word, it’s AMAZING with a couple of drawbacks.

Good - I set up a 100-inch screen outdoors next to a firepit. Colors still poped and looked vibrant. I noticed minimal fading. I used to own an Anker capsule 1 and the PPM is almost 3x as bright and 1080p sharpness is great.

The Meh - Compared to the Capsule, I was able to play any video source via airplay or iPhone to HDMI without any issues or lag. The PPM only has a couple apps that work. I mainly use my phone to download or rent movies from providers like Prime and Apple+ and play them via HDMI to the PPM with the Apple Lightning adaptor. For some apps, this really anoying video stutter/lag will happen when playing downloaded content (Netflix,Prime Hulu) but for some provides the framerate and video will play smooth (Apple+ Google Movies and Vudu). It’s annoying to say the least that quality is not the same across provides. Hopefully, this will be fixed in a future update.

Bad - Power, in my experience I’m barely able 2 and a half hours. With no battery icon or warning when the power is going out it can be tough to tell and can ruin a movie night. The solution was to get a power bank that can support the PPM while playing, I when with this to get 2 to 3 move full charges. You’ll need a power bank that can output at least 45w or the PPM won’t charge.

Hope this was helpful!


Can you plug it in and continue to watch via the mains. Appreciate it defeats the object but i have power in my garden


Sad to hear the choppy/stuttering video playback of Netflix, Prime and Hulu content. Many of us face choppy stuttering video in Kodi as well.

@PhilipsEngineering - Any thoughts on what’s causing this and when will this be fixed.

I think this is the only “critical” category issue which if resolved then PPMax will be a overall super awesome winner. The medium and low priority issues I know will be fixed eventually and improvements will be made.

Appreciate your response.

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Yes, you can. I am doing that. My PPM is connected to the charger while I’m watching movie.

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Without seeing a video of the “stutter” I’m not sure which issue it is exactly – but v1.0.26 did fix a video stutter bug (frozen frame every few moments).

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Hi Myles - Would it be possible for you to share the video of the stuttering playback issue that you noticed in 2 of the apps/Kodi with this beta version? @PhilipsEngineering requested it so he can investigate and get it fixed.

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